Tue. Jun 2nd, 2020

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Car Accessories

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 Being green is all the rage these days! Manufacturers have responded to consumer demands for eco-friendly car products to compliment their environmentally conscious lifestyle. Check out the top 5 must-have eco-friendly car products that can turn any machine green.

Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash

Detailing a car and being green have not historically been good bedfellows. However, scientists have formulated a biodegradable, non-toxic line of detailing supplies. The     Eco Touch Waterless Complete Car Care Kit  includes everything a car enthusiast needs to keep a spotless and safe ride, such as Window Clear, Leather Care, All Purpose Cleaner, Dashboard Protectant, Upholstery Cleansers, Tire Shine, Carpet Stain Remover, Quick Wax, and Wheel Cleanser. The products are phosphate-free and easy to apply. Just spray on and wipe clean for a showroom finish that doesn’t involve using a hose.

Recaro Young Sports Car Seat

Recaro-Car-Seat-150x150 The Recaro Young Sports Car Seat makes the eco-friendly list because it serves two purposes, resulting in less waste. The seat functions as a car seat for toddlers who have developed enough to face forward, with an option to become a booster seat once they are older. The flexible nature of the product, which is usable until the child reaches 80 pounds or 12 years of age, enables consumers to reduce the need for an additional booster seat. The stylish, convertible car seat has a five-point harness system for added safety.

Smartwax ONE Waterless Wash

Smartwax-150x150 The Smartwax ONE Waterless Wash eliminates the need for water when washing your auto, but also reduces the steps needed to protect your vehicle. The spray wash is a detergent, sealant, wax, and polish all in one. The non-stick, all-weather UV protectant has superior cleansing agents that remove grease, dirt, contamination, and water spots. Engineered with organic clay and Carnauba wax, the Smartwax ONE Waterless Wash is an organic alternative to harsh synthetic cleaning agents that can even clean up a track-worn     Subaru     rally car!

LG HFB-500 Solar-Powered Bluetooth Car Kit

LG-Solar-Powered-Car-Kit-150x150 The power of the sun has finally been harnessed into a useful Bluetooth kit. The     LG HFB-500 Solar-Powered Bluetooth Car Kit     uses photovoltaic panels on the back of its Bluetooth-enabled speakerphone to power the device. The solar panel can also be adhered to the car’s windshield or dashboard and is small enough that it does not obstruct the driver’s view. The unit boasts great styling —faux leather surfaces, a matte black finish, and silver trim along the sides. A transparent plastic holder that attaches to the windshield via suction cups offers easy access to the speakerphone. According to the manufacturer, the unit will yield about 16 hours of talk time on a two-hour charge.

Scosche solChat II

Scosche-Solar-Powered-Phone-150x150The     Scosche solChat II     is a patented solar-powered speakerphone. The Bluetooth solChat II has an integrated solar cell that continuously re-charges the device’s internal lithium ion battery. Up to 1,000 contacts can be stored and announced through the caller ID voice interface on the phone. The kit comes with a car adapter and USB charging cable for those not-so-sunny days. Plus, most Bluetooth enabled cell phones can be programmed for voice dialing, letting the driver concentrate on the road.

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